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General Information

What is edTPA?
Who is leading this effort?
Who is participating in edTPA?
Why is this being done?
What is edTPA designed to achieve?
How does edTPA align with the professional standards in education?
How is edTPA constructed and used?
edTPA is described as "educative." What does that mean?
Does edTPA take the place of faculty observation of candidates' clinical experience?
How do teacher preparation programs benefit by participating in edTPA?
How do state agencies benefit by participating in edTPA?
What subjects are available for edTPA?

Partner Roles in edTPA

What is the role of Stanford University and SCALE in edTPA?
What is the role of AACTE in edTPA?
What is the role of Evaluation Systems in edTPA?

Teacher Education Curriculum

Won't edTPA lead teacher education toward a standardized curriculum?
Is this a bar exam for teaching?
Why are teacher preparation programs supporting edTPA?
Does edTPA encourage instructors to "teach to the test"?

Submitting and Scoring edTPA

Who scores portfolios?
What is a "cut score"?
How will states determine cut scores?
Is feedback given to candidates? If so, how?
How can teacher preparation programs utilize their candidates' results from edTPA?

Costs Associated with edTPA

What are the costs associated with edTPA and why is there a fee?
What are some recommendations for dealing with the costs associated with edTPA?
How do candidates appeal their scores?

Security, Video, and edTPA

What policies are in place to ensure the confidentiality and security of edTPA candidate materials and assessment data, including access to and use of video recordings?
What if a candidate's classroom contains students who may not be filmed (witness protection program, religious objections, etc.)?
How may the video clips submitted with a candidate's portfolio be structured?

State Policy

How are states using edTPA for program approval and/or licensure?
What value does edTPA add to the current set of assessments that teacher candidates need to pass for an initial license?
How do edTPA policies for implementation, support, consequences and timelines vary by state?