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Educator Preparation Programs

  • If your institution is already involved in edTPA join our Online Community! The Online Community provides a space for members to collaborate, solve problems and issues in support of implementation, and to ask questions of staff and peers about edTPA. If you aren’t currently a member of the online community, please create a profile and join us! Please note that this community is open only to policy-makers, faculty, and edTPA implementation staff in participating states.
  • If your state is involved in edTPA, but your program has not been participating, contact us at for more information. If your institution or organizations is interested in using edTPA, please fill out our online membership application.
  • If your state is not yet involved in edTPA, contact to express your interest in getting involved and for advice on first steps.

Teacher Candidates

If you are a teacher candidate at a participating teacher preparation program and are looking for advice, information or instructions regarding assessment submission, please visit the candidate registation website. This site also contains program policies and operational support resources for candidates and faculty.

State Policy-Makers

  • Check our Participation Map to determine whether your state is already involved in edTPA.
  • If your state is not currently involved in edTPA and you are interested in learning more, contact for more information.


  • If you are interested in becoming a scorer for edTPA, check the edTPA Scorer website for qualification requirements and next steps.
  • edTPA scorers include teacher educators from the programs participating in edTPA, as well as other qualified teacher education faculty, clinical supervisors of student teachers, K-12 teachers, administrators, and National Board Certified Teachers.

    All scorers are recruited and selected because of their documented experience both with beginning teachers and subject-matter content. Their efforts help to support the assessment and an evidence-based process that can make objective, comparable, and valid evaluation of teaching skills and readiness for the classroom. The criteria for selecting and training scorers are rigorous. Details can be found in the edTPA Scorer Requirements. These educators are also carefully monitored during scoring activities to maintain high quality.

    edTPA scorers are compensated for their effort to improve the performance and preparation of incoming teachers. They are paid for training as well as for each assessment scored.

  • To learn more about edTPA and score reporting, please go to the Candidate Registration and Operational Information website.