edTPA EPP Application

Educator Preparation Program Membership Application

Thank you for our interest in edTPA! If you are an educator preparation program at an institution of higher education or an alternative certification program that actively prepares teacher candidates please fill out the following application for edTPA membership.

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Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System Identification Number

  • Introductory - Suggested for institutions or education organizations seeking initial exposure to edTPA.
  • Exploratory - Appropriate for institutions planning to integrate edTPA into their curriculum and conduct local evaluations while moving toward full implementation.
  • Implementation - Appropriate for institutions or states where edTPA is supported by policy or other campus-based requirements.

edTPA Usage Plan

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This person must be authorized to sign an edTPA membership agreement on behalf of the institution.

edTPA Coordinator

The edTPA Coordinator may be a faculty member, program coordinator, associate dean, or other personnel who maintains regular communication and works closely with faculty from the preparation and the Arts and Sciences programs, clinical supervisors, and other who will support candidates to complete edTPA. edTPA Coordinators are the liaison between the institution and edTPA; responsible for maintaining the edTPA user roster and disseminating important edTPA-related information to their institution.

What campus-based course management system/platform provider* is in use, if any?