edTPA COVID-19 Update

On behalf of SCALE, Pearson, and AACTE, we would like to assure you that our main priority is the health and well-being of all learners, prospective teachers, faculty, P-12 educators, parents and their communities.  We are carefully monitoring the information about COVID-19 and are aware of the many educator preparation program (EPP) and school closures around the country. We will continue to stay informed of the situation and discuss ways in which we may support states and EPPs as they consider how to meet program and state requirements. We are supporting and partnering with states as they discuss options to best address their policy questions and needs.

To all our community, and especially those of you who have been directly impacted by the virus, we extend our sincere support and encourage you to reach out with questions and concerns. We are committed to keeping you updated and to make ourselves available to answer any question you might have.  Please feel free to use the Contact Us here or email us at edTPA@aacte.org.

As a reminder about edTPA registrations, these are valid for 18 months. Therefore, candidates may submit edTPA portfolios within 18 months from their registration dates for both initial submissions and retakes. Programs may guide their candidates to submit their portfolio on an appropriate submission date depending on their situation. As necessary, Pearson will extend registrations for candidates impacted by COVID-19 without any change fee.


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