edTPA at AACTE Annual Meeting

Members from around the nation joined together at this year’s Annual Meeting to engage in conversations about edTPA, its impact, powerful potential, and usefulness as a tool to assess beginning teachers’ readiness to teach. Opening with a breakfast for members of the national Teacher Performance Assessment Consortium (TPAC), representatives from the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE), AACTE and Pearson updated members on edTPA’s current stage of development and implementation. This event provided a forum for members to share their experiences as well as draw from each other’s expertise and understanding of edTPA. Ten sessions organized by AACTE included those providing logistical support for IHEs implementing in legislated and non-legislated states, to introductory sessions for members interested in this teacher performance assessment.

Particular sessions of note include an edTPA Major Forum: Voices from the Field: The Impact of edTPA on New Teachers and Teacher Preparation Programs. This major forum panel included representatives from IHEs – both faculty and a former teacher candidate – as well as from a policy perspective. Moderated by Andrea Whittaker (edTPA Director at SCALE), panelists responded to questions about their experiences with edTPA. Faculty voices included Desiree Pointer-Mace (Alverno College) and Diana Lys (East Carolina University). Kathryn Miszewski (Mequon-Thiensville School District, WI), a graduate of Alverno College (WI), shared her experience completing edTPA last year. Linda Tomlinson (Illinois State Board of Education) provided a policy perspective. To conclude this panel, Barnett Berry (Center for Teaching Quality) provided discussant remarks. (To view a recording of this Major Forum, click here.) Another notable session included edTPA for Today’s Classrooms: Addressing Issues of Social Justice, a panel discussion featuring Desiree Pointer-Mace (Alverno College), Etta Hollins (University of Missouri at Kansas City), and Maria Hyler (University of Maryland, College Park). Former teacher candidates who completed edTPA during their teacher preparation programs also voiced their experiences as they relate to their current teaching in edTPA into Practice: Novice Teachers Speak Out. Featuring Keisha Solomon (Morgan State University alumna) and Lauren Williams Harvey (East Carolina University alumna), these novice teachers reflected upon their current practice as it relates to their preparation programs and edTPA experiences.

As we continue to develop tools, partnerships and practices that further improve upon and elevate our teacher preparation programs to a Twenty-First Century level, edTPA serves as a common assessment to unite us around this work. edTPA sessions at the Annual Meeting provided opportunities for continuing these conversations and the furthering of our united partnerships.

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