Guidance for Candidates Impacted by School Closures

With many educator preparation programs (EPPs) and P–12 school districts impacted by COVID-19, the following guidance is provided to programs and teacher candidates in need of options for successfully preparing and submitting an edTPA portfolio.

Pearson will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates as events warrant.

Candidates Have 18 Months to Submit

Upon edTPA account registration, teacher candidates have 18 months to prepare and submit a finalized portfolio, for both initial submissions and retakes. Programs may encourage candidates to submit their portfolio during a future submission window within the 18 months.

Candidates May Request an Extension

If necessary, teacher candidates impacted by COVID-19 may request an extension if they are unable to submit their finalized portfolio within the 18-month window. To request an extension to the 18-month window, teacher candidates may contact a Pearson Customer Support representative by phone at (413) 256-2889, or toll free at (866) 565-4872, or via the email communication form available on the program website. Pearson will extend the registration at no additional cost to teacher candidates impacted by COVID-19.

Additional Submission Windows Planned

Two additional submission windows and reporting dates will soon be added to the current submission and reporting schedule for the 2019–2020 edTPA program year. The current schedule will be updated on edTPA.com very soon. In addition, Pearson will post the schedule of submission windows and reporting dates for the 2020–2021 program with the updated 2019–2020 schedule. A notification will be forwarded to edTPA Coordinators when the updated schedule is available on the program website.

edTPA Coordinators and program faculty members who need additional information, or have questions regarding this topic, may contact edTPA EPP Support at edtpaeppsupport@pearson.com, or by telephone at (866) 613-3278.

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