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Making Sure Teachers are Classroom-Ready

A new article details the growing interest among states and teacher preparation programs in using performance-based assessments as a way to ensure that teachers are able to “translate book learning into effective instruction.” The most prominent of these assessments, the article notes, is edTPA.

The article was published by Stateline.org, which is an independent national news services that focuses on state policy and is funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts. Read the full article here.


Special Education edTPA Preparation

SCALE has developed a new version of Making Good Choices (MGC) to provide particular support for candidates preparing for edTPA in Special Education. Following the same format as the original MGC, the new version poses questions and provides answers that guide candidates to consider their own teaching contexts and the particular strengths and challenges of the students they teach. The Special Education MGC explains and provides examples of the curricular areas of special education and associated learning targets for focus students. The document is available in the Resource Library. edTPA coordinators and associated program faculty can download the MGC and distribute to candidates preparing for edTPA.


Mn edTPA Video Orients Supervising Teachers

The Minnesota Board of Teaching recently created and shared the video below to explain edTPA and what it means for classroom teachers who are supervising teacher candidates as they go through the edTPA process. The instructional video was first shared August 21, 213 at the 4th annual state Implementation Summit at The University of Saint Thomas Minneapolis.