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Welcome to edTPA!

Our interactive site is designed to provide the public with information and edTPA members with access to a variety of free resources and materials associated with edTPA according to our Usage Plan.

Candidates preparing for edTPA should visit the registration site at www.edTPA.com.


Nearly 200 Educators From Mid-Atlantic Join Implementation Event

More than 180 teacher preparation faculty members and administrators from across the Atlantic region and beyond gathered at Morgan State University in Baltimore June 5-6 to share and compare strategies for using edTPA to support and improve teacher candidate preparation.


Revised Handbooks for 2014-15 Available Soon

Consistent with the commitment to an assessment “by the profession, for the profession”, SCALE and AACTE have been archiving email (from faculty, candidates and program leaders) and edTPA Online Community questions/comments about handbook prompts, rubrics and directions throughout our first operational year. These questions and comments along with input from scorers, benchmarkers, trainers and master coders of scoring training materials, inform changes to edTPA.

“Refreshed” handbooks with edits for clarity are currently in production and will be released over the summer in three stages: June 23, 2014, mid July 2014, and early August 2014 with the highest incidence fields released in June. Please see the “change list resource,” a document that explains all edits in the refreshed handbooks. The changes are intended both to increase clarity and comprehensibility for candidates, faculty and scorers, and to increase alignment between directions, prompts and rubrics. All changes are minor and rubric constructs are being held constant in all fields. The 2014-15 handbooks are considered equivalent to the current 2013-14 operational handbooks.

Download the change list here.