2016 National edTPA Implementation Conference

The 2016 edTPA National Implementation Conference was held in Savannah, GA from March 31-April 2nd, 2016, with over 500 attendees from across the country. Dr. Pedro Noguera provided a keynote address, and other featured panelists included Peggy Brookins, Dan Brown, Dave Conley, Charlotte Danielson, Rhonda Dubin, Kenji Hakuta, Etta Hollins, Richard Ingersoll, Marvin Lynn, Bill McDiarmid, & Richelle Patterson. This national conference sought to promote a learning community of teachers, teacher educators and policy leaders to deepen their understanding of policy and implementation issues regarding teacher performance assessment and discuss supporting and sustaining teachers across a career continuum. Conference presentations, materials, and video footage of key events are now available.

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Slide Show: edTPA 2016 National edTPA Implementation conference

Take a few minutes to enjoy a slide show of images and quotes highlighting 2016 National edTPA Implementation conference held in Savannah, GA, March 31-April 2. More than 500 teachers, teacher educators and policy leaders from 28 states attended the conference, making it the largest edTPA event to date.

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edTPA: Strengthening P-12 and Educator Preparation Program Partnerships

"I even have their numbers in my cell phone so that I can call the professors."

– Lekeshi Wormley, Science Teacher, Rock Hill High School, Rock Hill, SC

edTPA: Promoting Effective Teaching for all P-12 Students

"The biggest challenge that first-year teachers bring to the classroom is not knowing why they are doing what they are doing and what impact it’s having on their teaching and their students."

– Betsy Bratek, Mentor Teacher, Prince George’s County Schools, MD

edTPA: Informing Meaningful Change in Educator Preparation Programs

"The opportunity to take a tool like edTPA and think about our practices, absolutely has helped us think about where there are holes in our program and curriculum."

– Susan Lynn, Chair, Division of Education, Thomas University

Kennesaw State University Graduates Reflect on edTPA

"There are two sides to teaching. You need to know what to do but you also need to know why. Pairing those two made me think through how they connect."

– Hannah Alexander, 2016 Graduate, Kennesaw State